Tool to download Instagram photos 4K and save Instagram videos HD

Our tool helps you download various content on your Instagram feed such as Videos, Photos, Stories, Reels to your computer or phone more simply than ever.

Do you always have difficulty download videos or images, or Stories? Right now I will guide you through very simple steps to save your favorite videos. Our tool has a simple and easy-to-use interface so those who have never used it can perform operations easily and quickly.

IGSaved: Instagram Video Downloader

IGSaved - Website to download videos from Instagram online

What is the IGSaved tool?

IGSaved is a powerful tool, designed and built by our team with the purpose of helping users download Instagram videos in high resolution quickly and most conveniently. Besides, our tool supports you with various features such as save photos IG, download private Instagram with unchanged quality. With a user-friendly and optimized interface, users can easily use it. The Instagram video downloader is a great choice for those who want to find and download Instagram feed content

Reasons to use IGSaved Instagram Downloader

  • Support so you can use it on many different devices or on operating systems such as IOS, Android
  • No need to download any 3rd party software to support downloading videos & images.
  • Suitable for many phone, computer and laptop devices
  • Can be download Instagram private in the browser
  • Support downloading posts and avatar from user profile link.

Instructions for using the IGSaved tool

  1. First you access the Instagram application on your mobile device.
  2. Find interesting moments or images of yourself or your loved ones and copy the link.
  3. Next, access the browser on your device and open IGSaved.App.
  4. After you have accessed IGSaved.App, paste the copied link into the tool's input box and press the download button.
  5. After a period of time, when processing is complete, you can download images in 4K or save videos in many formats as you desire.

Our tool can work well on many different browsers, so regardless of whether you use the operating system Android or IOS, you can use it.

Is there a fee to use the IGSaved tool?

We built a tool to download videos and photos on Instagram to help users use it on all current web browsers and access it at absolutely no cost.

When using, do I need to install any additional supporting software?

Our tool is a website that works in browsers, so you will not need to install any third-party software to support it.

During use, if you encounter an error, please contact us for support: [email protected]