Use IGSaved Save Instagram photos in HD quickly

Nowadays, with the strong development of social networking sites, users often share happy moments on Instagram, but storage often faces many difficulties. That's why IGSavedis one of the leading tools that allows you to download and save Instagram Photos to devices such as phones or computers easily and quickly.

We always extract image data at the highest quality, and always display the highest quality images to users. So when you download images from Instagram gram there is absolutely no blurring or loss of quality.

How to save Instagram photos without watermark

Step 1: Copy the Photo link on the Instagram post

Log in to Instagram with a private account, navigate to the video or image you like on the post, tap the (●●●) icon to copy the link or copy the url in the browser address bar


Step 2: Paste the link into the IGSaved input box

On your device, go to your browser and go to IGSaved and paste the link you just entered into our input box


Step 3: Download your videos or photos

After you press the download button, wait for the information extraction process to complete. You can download your favorite images and enjoy it.


We always display and support users to download images at the highest quality, but the original quality of the image or video also depends on the quality of the user when posting.

During use, if you encounter an error, please contact us for support: [email protected]